After forming in 2007 and their ensuing years of touring, festival appearances, and obscure limited releases (like their now infamous 2008 rehearsal demo and 2010’s ‘V: A Sepulchur to Swalow the Sea‘ 7″, which Brooklyn Vegan hailed as “blastingly powerful”), Richmond, VA’s BASTARD SAPLING have finally announced the upcoming release of their debut full-length. Entitled ‘Dragged From Our Restless Trance’ and slated for an October 23rd release via longtime supporters Forcefield Records, the album offers four songs and forthy minutes’ worth of cold, atmospheric, adventurous black metal.

BASTARD SAPLING straddle the divide between the best moments of Immortal, Bathory, and vintage Ulver, taking cues from old-school Darkthrone and recalling the majestic atmosphere of Drudkh and Hate Forest, and augmented by an appealingly raw but listenable production and a DIY-or-die ethos.

The record will be limited to 500 copies on marbled obsidian black & cocaine white vinyl, packaged as a gatefold LP with insert and patch included. The first 100 preorders will come with an exclusive backpatch, courtesy of Rainbath Visual.


1. Prophecy Born from Dismal Terrain
2. Cold Winds Howled Across the Desolation
3. The Apex of Suffering
4. Beyond the Void of Life

On October 23, 2012, BASTARD SAPLING will celebrate the release of ‘Dragged From our Restless Trance‘ at a hometown record release gig alongside fellow RVA downtuners COUGH as well as TOMBS, 16, and FIGHT AMP

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