Grime - Deteriorate

Grime – Deteriorate
1. Burning Down The Cross
2. Pouring Out The Hatred
3. Down By The River Of Dreg
4. Giving Up
5. Deep Cut
6. Restless Man
7. Pills
8. Idiot God

Hailing from Trieste, Italy, Grime channel the essence of sludge and doom metal into an ugly, vitriolic, black cacophony. Their debut full length will leave you with a sick and unsettling feeling deep in the recesses of your stomach, yet you will be unable to suppress the desire to bang your head into oblivion. Featuring ex members of The Secret, “Deteriorate” was recorded at Igloo Audiofactory in Italy by Enrico Baraldi and mixed and mastered by sound wizard Billy Anderson with ominous and expertly crafted art from Jason Barnett. Grime’s debut fits perfectly in any record collection next to Eyehategod, Iron Monkey, Grief, and Buzzov-en.  The LP will consist of two different color variants on heavy weight 180 gram vinyl encased with black dust sleeves and full color jackets with a poster and download card.  The limited run is oxygen rich blood haze of oxblood red and grimace purple and a larger run of grey and red haze.




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“The only possible explanation for Deteriorate is that the band found a deeper basement to record in, under a filthier murder shack….this album will crush your moral compass until you’re making a call about doing something bad.  And that’s a good thing.” – Decibel Magazine

“Every second is filled with negativity, bad tidings and woe which when thrown together make one of the most oppressive sounding records I have heard in a long time.” – The Sleeping Shaman

“Mental health is a fragile thing. One minute, birds are chirping and the sun is beaming. But that sunshine can quickly turn to despair, emptiness and aggression. Some people turn to pharmaceuticals, crime, or suicide, but fortunately, the members of GRIME chose instead to channel their suffering into music, and if you are a fan of sludgy howling insanity, then their new album Deteriorate may cure what ails you…This album is a great example of capturing, channeling, and expelling negativity and hatred.” – Invisible Oranges

“Deteriorate is an eight song chug that sounds like a train pushing through a tar pit…From there on it’s clear that GRIME are pushing right into it without any relenting. Feedback and slow, crushing instruments fill every track. Every track follows in this style as though the band were pushing knee-deep through the dead.” – Metal Injection

“‘Vile’ and ‘repulsive’ are two words that come immediately to mind after hearing this filthy slab and I’m sure Italy’s GRIME would be thrilled by that. They obviously set out to make one hateful chunk of sludge/doom here and they succeeded at that.” – Doommantia

“With this album the Italian sludge-meisters have delivered filth-laden journey into the ugliest recesses of humanity. This sure ain’t pretty; it won’t pound you into the ground, it’ll drag you in feet first and screaming.” – The Lair of Filth

“overflowing with rotten, bluesy riffs that will keep your reality buried in misery,” – Cvlt Nation

“an aural evisceration… not at all for the faint of heart,” – the Obelisk

“…dirty-as-fuck…” – Pure Grain Audio



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05.04. MKSMC in Koper (SLO)
06.04. Bocciodromo in Vicenza (IT)
25.04. Lo-Fi, Milan, Italy
26.04. Turbomongol, Lausanne, Switzerland
27.04. AJZ, Bielefeld, Germany
28.04. TBC
29.04. Péniche Inside Out, Liege, Blegium
30.04. Halle 14, Karlsruhe, Germany
01.05. Plaque, Leipzig, Germany
02.05. Cottbus, Dresden, Germany
03.05. Rote Flora, Hamburg, Germany
05.05. Liebig 19 Jugendclub, Berlin, Germany
06.05. Klub Final, Prague, Czech Republic
07.05. Venster 99, Vienna, Austria