“Decent two-tracker here from folks who clearly like their riffs slow-boiled to the point they don’t so much stick to yer ribs as collapse both lungs with their density. While the gloomy carrion bird shadow of pessimistic hardcore types Diallo, High On Crime and, of course, His Hero Is Gone, casts a pall over proceedings the main emphasis is on the sludgy, debilitating riffs of Buzzov*en or Rabies Caste, things dolefully trudging from one dank and depressive moment to the next and making for a solid enough release that just could’ve done with being recorded a little louder.” – Alex Deller // Collective Zine UK

“From right here in Richmond, VA and formerly known as simply Sword (whose sole release was titled “Lord by Fire”), Lord by Fire‘s debut under their new name is this self-titled 7″ on Forcefield Records, so… as far as I know, this actually marks the band’s first recorded output since the summer of 2005!? With just two tracks in 10 minutes it’s over all too soon, but the band’s approach to dark, dingy, “doomy” rock/metal remains intact with the added bonus of an absolutely awesome recording that’s loaded with warm, natural tones and plenty of crisp breathing room that allows all of the subtle intricacies of the elements’ textures to shine through perfectly. Expect hoarse, strained shouts over an assortment of pounding midpaced power chords; choppy, chugging rhythms; sludgy, textured grooves; and occasional layers of searing feedback. It’s neither too rocked out nor too overly aggressive and in your face, and that balance works out quite nicely for the end result. Hopefully some more material is on the way sooner than later!” – Andrew // Aversionline


03/07 Charlottesville, VA @ Outback Lodge w/ Horsefang, Cosmonaut’s Ruin
03/20 – Harrisonburg, VA @ Blue Nile w/ Valkyrie, Horsefang