The past year has been a whirlwind for Nashville, TN upstarts YAUTJA. February saw the release of their highly heralded debut LP ‘Songs of Descent’ followed by a relentless tour schedule. Over the stretch of the past year the band has logged well over 100 shows and spent roughly a third of the year in the van including a full US tour with Salt Lake City’s nihilistic caustic metalcore cretins CULT LEADER (Deathwish), a Canadian tour with Wisconsin grind freaks NO BRAINER, as well as a short stint with BLACK BREATH, MUTILATION RITES, and THEORIES that included a stop at Maryland Death Fest. The band also performed at the inaugural Southern Darkness Festival, Greensboro’s Suck Fest, as well as string of dates at this past year’s SXSW music festival in which they were hand picked to be part of NPR’s ‘Austin 100’ music sampler released each year for the festivities.


“Songs of Descent isn’t Yautja simply purveying the medium of heavy music to channel their sonic malice. These songs show a band unencumbered by influential limitations and consequently unhinged in a brutality that’s both brilliant and downright merciless.” – Steel For Brains

“Yautja is one of the best new heavy bands you’ve never heard of…Yautja incorporate imperial sludge riffs ala Neurosis with grind, math, crust and more. You’d think a mish-mash of influence like that would be jarring, but Yautja feels a lot more organic than their description leads on. Especially live. Where they rip. Think Inter Arma without the southern bent and with more grind instead of black metal.” – Noisey

“Only music with such a combination of smarts and tactile power can put your body in two places at once.” – Invisible Oranges

“Yautja utilize a variety of song structures and alternate time signatures in a way that makes the album catchy and easy to immerse yourself in without being repetitive. Raw and organic, chaotic yet simplistic, Songs of Descent is a superbly composed, well-executed collection of caustic, oppressive music.” – Exclaim

“Yautja have crafted a gargantuanly heavy and headbangable hodgepodge that always knows when to shift tempos and flavors for maximum contrast and diversity.” – No Clean Singing

“The band sounds as meaty and menacing on one-minute chunks of flesh as they do on [their] lengthier jawbreak­ers…” – Decibel

“Relentlessly heavy, tough as nails, and eventually storming with fury. The band just destroys everything in its wake, with feedback wailing and aiming to cut flesh, guitars soaring into the stratosphere, and a killer instinct.” – Meat, Mead, Metal

“Love at first listen.” – Metal Sucks

“Yautja’s sound is simply punishing… There are so many moving pieces and varying sounds on this album, yet where Yautja excels is mashing them all together in a way that doesn’t sound disconnected or forced.” – Metal Insider

“No matter the pace, sludgy or grind, Yautja always feel poised for explosiveness. Grueling tone, absolutely stellar percussion and a tumultuous inertia are all present.” – About Heavy Metal


YAUTJA ‘Songs of Descent’
01. Path Of Descent
02. Denihilist
03. Blinders
04. Concrete Tongue
05. Tar And Blindness
06. Teeth
07. Faith Resigned
08. Path To Ground
09. An Exit
10. A Crawl
11. Of Descent
12. Humility – Humanity
13. A Cleansing Fire
14. Chemical Reign


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