Been forever since the last update.  Since the last update a lot has been going on.

First off we are sold out of the second pressing of the COUGH “Sigillum Luciferi” DLP.  A few distributors still have copies available.  Most of our main distributors should have some which include REVOLVER USA / MIDHAVEN MAILORDER, ALL THAT’S HEAVY, EBULLITION, and ROBOTIC EMPIRE.  A few others that recently picked some up before we sold out were psycheDOOMelic (Europe), Squirrell Gripp Records (Australia),, and Crucial Blast Records.  I would assume a few other labels might have some in stock.  We will be putting up a few dinged DLPs we have left for a reduced price in our web-store.  We are also in the kicking the tires of re-pressing this as well as another run of the CD, since both are sold out.

We also recently completely sold out of the COUGH / THE WOUNDED KINGS “An Introduction to the Black Arts” LP on GREEN, No distributors got these records so they are completely gone.  Squirrel Grip Records is the only company that has multiple copies of the green version of this LP.  We still have a good amount of the LP on black.

On the subject of COUGH they are currently on a massive European tour, you can find the dates here


First out will be the OBLITERATION‘s sophomore LP “Nekropsalms”.  It never got the attention and distribution it deserved state-side so we decided to fucking press it ourselves.  A perfect mix of old and new death metal while mixing slight elements of thrash, doom, and black metal.  This album rips from start to finish.  We totally stepped up the packaging on this sucker and should hopefully have some pictures and shipping dates in the very near future.

Following the OBLITERATION LP we are still working on the COFFINS / SOURVEIN split 7″.  We have hit a slight snag with artwork but will have the lacquers done this week.  Slow and steady but don’t fret because it is definitely coming along.  Along with the split 7″ we will also have another set of lacquers by week’s end.  Proud to announce we will be releasing CASTEVET‘s “Mounds of Ash” on LP.  Their PROFOUND LORE debut blew me away when I first heard it.  It was one of the most unique heavy albums of 2010 hands down.  A mix of black metal with noise-rock and even passages that seem to teeter the line of post-hardcore.  A beautifully crafted and odd black metal record.  Easy top ten album of 2010 personally.  (A few agree, here)


We are extremely excited about all of this as well as a few other things currently on the back-burner for summer and fall!  Thanks for all the support and check back soon for another update.  I promise it will be in a matter of days or weeks not months like last time!!