Been a long time coming but we are proud to announce the end is finally in sight for the 12″ LP of CASTEVET’s amazing 2010 debut full length “Mounds of Ash”.  The official release date will be August 30th.  We will be putting the record up for pre-sale in our web-store July 30th.  The packaging is done and the vinyl should be just two to three more weeks.  We have a few photos of the packaging up on our facebook.  Trust me when I say we didn’t skimp on this one and it came out looking KILLER!


BALACLAVA’s debut full length 12″ LP entitled “Crimes of Faith” will be out August 30th.  We are proud to be splitting the project with our good friends at Cosmic Debris (Chicago / NoVA).  The CD and Digital formats will be handled by the one and only Southern Lord and should be out sometime in August as well.  Balaclava has an un-mastered clip of the track “This City” up on their myspace.  This record will be available for pre-order July 30th as well.  The jackets just now went into production but the vinyl has been at the plant for a couple weeks now.  We got some real cool plans for the packaging on this one as well.  We’ll have more details on that once they are confirmed.



The two newest additions to the Forcefield family are Richmond, VA’s WINDHAND and Brooklyn, NY’s MUTILATION RITES!  I have had the privilege to know members in both these bands for quite some time and couldn’t be happier to work with both of them.


WINDHAND just recently finished recording and mixing their debut S/T full length at the Dark Room in Richmond, VA by guitarist Garrett Morris (Bastard Sapling, Parasytic).  The record will be mastered the week of July 25th at Slipped Disk Audio with Bill McElroy (Pentagram, Avail, Alabama Thunder Pussy).  Shooting to have this into production by early August.  Release date September 27th.


MUTILATION RITES are currently out on the road with Brooklyn doomers BATILLUS which will hit parts of the Mid-West and North-East.  Once they return home from tour they head straight back into the studio with Kevin Bernsten (Magrudergrind, Pulling Teeth) at Developing Nations Recording Studio in Baltimore, MD.  This will be the second recording stint with Kevin for the upcoming MLP.  In addition to tracking a couple extra songs the band plans to re-do some bass lines as well as some vocals.  Part of the reason I came about this project was hearing what was laid down in that first weekend.  So if they build on anything they did in that first session with these four additional days consider me floored.  We hope to have this record to a mastering engineer about the time WINDHAND’s record goes into production.  Estimated release date on this one, October 25th.



OBLITERATION “Nekropsalms” 12″ LP is available from our web-store as well as REVOLVER USA / MIDHAVEN MAILORDER, Ebullition, Robotic Empire, and Hell’s Headbangers.  Limited HAZE pressing is sold out.  Under 30 of the YELLOW remain.  Plenty of BLACK still in stock.

the COFFINS / SOURVEIN split 7″ is still happening!  It should actually go into production around the same time as the WINDHAND record.  I will post an update on that record once I get the final artwork.  I kinda started to take a non rush approach on it since SOURVEIN just released their new LP “Black Fangs”.  I wanted to let that release marinate a little before I went ahead with the split.  This will be out by October 25th AT THE LATEST.  Within the next week or two I will post up a firm release date.