Anicon / Unsacred split 7″ now shipping

Sep 24 2016   

Anicon / Unsacred split 7″ orders ship today. All orders after 9am tomorrow will ship October 3rd. Taking another week off of mail order. Keep family and friends first. Cheers!



Aug 19 2016   

Oh man, the anxiety coming in to this update has been at an all-time high for me for multiple reasons. Anyway, FIRST and FOREMOST, Forcefield is still an active label. I’ve gotten plenty of e-mails and I appreciate them and want to stress we are active. The past year was a much needed hiatus for me and while it was somewhat planned, I never intended to go off the grid as much as I did. I’ve spent the last year focusing on family and just felt if I wasn’t going to be giving full attention to new records that I should at least continue to slowly work on new records until I was 100% mentally ready for a return. I continued to fill orders and work on new projects just not with the same drive as the past 9 years. Anyway, to anyone who continued to order from (or even think of) Forcefield, it is very much appreciated. Because of the sheer volume of this update we will keep specific information pretty limited and will expand on each release more individually over the coming weeks.

I. New Releases


ANICON / UNSACRED split 7” – Two of my favorite East Coast black metal acts. Anicon contribute one unreleased track while Unsacred bring mastered versions of the two tracks they released unmastered on a small run tour cassette last year. Everything on this project is essentially done and in-house; expect a mid to late September release.


LUGWEIGHT ‘Yesterday’ LP – In conjunction with Circle Box we will be releasing the first vinyl LP for Brooklyn via Richmond solo noise act Lugweight. Vinyl and jackets are in the final stages of production; we expect an October release.


EARTHLING ‘Obedience and Decay’ LP/CD – Recording and mastering are done. Art is currently in the works. Release date TBD but hoping early Spring 2017.


II. Re-presses


WINDHAND – Have a re-press in of Windhand ‘s/t’ LP on red vinyl.  It wrapped a handful of months ago and hopefully you’ve seen it in a few in your local independent record stores but I just got around to putting them in the web-store. Additionally, only have a few remaining copies of the Windhand CD in the web-store but should have an order of those in within a month and a half.


YAUTJA – I have a few copies of ‘Songs of Lament’ left on vinyl, but just put in a new order in for another 250 copies. No ETA on a ship date.


COUGH – I finally put in an order for a re-press of Cough’s debut LP ‘Sigillium Luciferi’.  No ETA on ship date but keep checking back here for updates.  Until then a few found copies of the 2nd press are up as well as some dings and dents copies.


III. Store update.

One thing I have tried to keep up with even while everything else went quiet has been orders. All pending current orders are currently fulfilled. I am in the process of updating our web-store with new records so far I put up tour test press version of The Wayward’s new LP ‘Plutonic’ and a fresh re-press of Mutilation Rites’ ‘Harbringer’. I also have a few newly listed titles from Southern Lord and Robotic Empire. Hoping to have a few new Relapse titles within the week.


Nov 30 2015   

We will be taking 15% off all orders that enter the coupon code below and donating another 15% to The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.  We will have the sale run till the first Friday in January.  Today for Cyber Monday all orders will receive a free can coozie as well.




YAUTJA ‘Songs of Lament’ now streaming. Pre-orders shipping soon.

Oct 08 2015   

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 2.54.43 PM

Noisey is currently streaming ‘Songs of Lament’ in its entirety.  Czech it out.  A skid of records just hit the front yard so should have those on the move within the next few days.  Thanks for your patience.

Yautja will be playing a formal record release show tomorrow at Drkmttr in Nashville with local support from Act of Impalement, Pleasuredome & Ululatum Tollunt.


Yautja shipment

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